Bonnaye Mims for State Representative

Bonnaye’s Record

As your Representative for the 27th District, Bonnaye has stood firmly as an advocate of progress for all our citizens.  In order to keep the 27th District moving forward, she will continue to focus on a few key issues:

  • Education – We must ensure that a quality education is a priority and absolute necessity for all of our children, because a good education makes good jobs.  My record as a corruption fighter will continue.
  • Neighborhood Safety – Our neighborhoods need to be safe and good living conditions are essential for all of our residents.
  • Economic Development & Jobs – Now more than ever, economic development and the creation of quality, well-paying jobs is among the most important issues facing our neighborhoods.  I will continue to work tirelessly to bring good jobs and a productive environment for business and job growth to our community.
  • Health Care – A good and affordable health care system is essential to the well-being of each and every one of us.  I will work to make sure all Missourians have access to good and affordable health care.

As your State Representative, Bonnaye has worked tirelessly to achieve these goals.  A few of her most notable achievements are:

  • Helping secure an $8 million donation from Cerner to help build better schools and neighborhoods and reinvest in our community;
  • Sponsoring, co-sponsoring and/or passing bills to help support veterans, treat drug addicts and provide services for people with mental issues;
  • Sponsoring, co-sponsoring and/or passing bills to help protect employees’ rights to organize and prevent employers from discriminating against applicants based on credit history;
  • Sponsoring, co-sponsoring and/or passing bills to help protect renters’ security deposits, give tax deductions to families who protect themselves by building storm shelters, and keep insurance companies from charging more money for oral chemotherapy than injected chemotherapy;
  • Sponsoring, co-sponsoring and/or passing bills to help expand access to college through the A+ program, protect people from discrimination from colleges and universities, and make more school supplies tax exempt on the Tax-Free Weekend;
  • Co-sponsoring a bill to create an organization to help expand opportunities for Women-owned and Minority-owned businesses in our community and state.