Bonnaye Mims for State Representative

Rep. Mims Heads to Jefferson City

Rep. Bonnaye Mims took the fight for progress for our schools, families and community back to Jefferson City this week for her second session.  After her passage of a bill that helped veterans, people with mental illness and people in need of drug counseling last year, Representative Mims has hopes for more determined, accountable leadership to take hold in the capitol this year.

This session, Rep. Mims will be sponsoring four bills.  The first will help expand federal food stamp program benefits to more people, continuing to help families working hard to make ends meet.  The second bill seeks to protect students by preventing universities from instituting practices of favoritism among certain student groups.  Next up is a bill that allocates funds to help restore and maintain our historic Municipal Courthouse.  Finally, Rep. Mims proposed a bill to expand consumer protection by preventing a renter’s security deposit from being taken by creditors if their landlord goes bankrupt.

Along with dozens of co-sponsored bills, these four bills show Rep. Mims constant dedication to serving the people of the Kansas City metro and the State of Missouri.  The work of the people continues for Rep. Mims, and as with everything else she does, she promises to bring common sense, determined leadership, and accountable representation that actually stands for the community, and not just special interests organized outside of our neighborhoods.